New Roof Party track.

I bought a soft synth called ‘Chipsounds’ since I was getting sick of having to choose between getting authentic ‘chip’ sounds but having to write music in a tracker (which is good for sparking creativity through limitations, but there are a whole bunch of limitations) or writing in a DAW and having to settle for inauthentic sounds. And boom! I found Chipsounds which lets me get amazing (and as close to authentic as you can get without them actually being so) sounds whilst letting me write in a DAW.

This track would also not be anywhere near as good if not for the massive amounts of inspiration I got from ‘Endless Fantasy’. Already easily one of my favourite albums. ‘Prom Night’ is the real track of the summer. The ‘Meow’ sample is a shout out to that I guess.

The Roots

“Hall & Oates”

The Roots - Hall & Oates

The Roots playing J Dilla.

lucky dragons’ gigs look amazing

lucky dragons’ gigs look amazing